In light of recent rises in mortgage interest rates, many of us are looking for way to save money in other places.

A recent publication from The Guardian has suggested that individuals with average variable rate mortgages will now face increased payments of £22 per month[1].

However, there is also some good news this month! All off the £22 increase can be more than offset by investing no more than 120 seconds of your valuable time.

What better way to do this than join an ethical energy company and switch your energy supply to The Peoples Energy Company? Whilst winter may be closing in and your energy usage increasing, it doesn’t mean that your energy costs have to follow. With one single tariff that is cheaper than the taiffs of the Big Six suppliers, switching to The Peoples Energy Company could help you save not only during the coming months but far beyond. And on top of that, People’s Energy give customers 75% of their profits back!

You can visit or call 0131 285 5510 and find out today just how much you could be saving. Oh, and did I mention that our electricity is 100% green?

Since the People’s Energy launch on the 1st of August we have been able to enter the market at a very competitive rate, a point evidenced by the fact that our average tariff is over £239 cheaper than that of British Gas[2], just one of the Big Six suppliers that we currently undercut.

The following infographic highlights just how much you could stand to save by switching to us and demonstrates that, despite increasing mortgage interest rates, if you make the sensible choice to switch today you might even have some extra money in your pocket!

[1] Richard Partington, 2017. First interest rate rise in 10 years adds to UK mortgage burden. The Guardian, 02 November.

[2] Julia Kollewe, Jessica Elgot, 2017. British Gas raises electricity prices by 12.5%. The Telegraph, 01 August.