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Quick tips to reduce your home bills

From easy adjustments to new technology, there are many ways to save money around the home, cut bills and reduce our carbon footprint. Save water Many people assume they wouldn’t be able to save money on water but there are a few little things you can try. The average...
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Commentary of recent political interventions

So, the strong (or not so strong) women in UK politics, Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon, are both trying to win more voter support by seeking to tackle unfairness in the energy sector. But are they going about it the best way? Is there are better alternative?  ...
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First Time Buyers

Help! I’m buying my first home It’s a daunting thought; buying your first home. There’s so much to think about so we’ve got a quick checklist to help you get started and ensure you have the basics covered. Make the most of ISAs First time buyers can take advantage of...
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Common Myths 3

Myth #3: It is too risky to switch to a smaller, less known energy supplier – NOT TRUE!   You risk nothing by switching to a smaller energy supplier like People’s Energy. Ofgem has put in place a number of safeguards to make sure that your energy and money are safe,...
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Common Myths 2

Myth #2: You need an engineer to come round to switch the supply - NOT TRUE!    That isn't true. When switching energy supplier, nothing changes in how your gas or electricity is supplied to you. The gas will continue to flow, and the electricity will keep coming...
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Common Myths

Myth #1: Switching energy supplier takes ages and is really hard - NOT TRUE! It is not true that it takes ages to switch. It is, in fact, dead-easy! As a consumer, all you will need to do to switch to a company like People’s Energy is to provide your name...
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