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Membership Support Team Supervisor

Job Profile – Membership Support Team Supervisor    

Application form can be downloaded here: Membership Support Supervisor Application Form

Job Profile

Job TitleMembership Support Team Supervisor   
Department NamePeople’s Energy Operations
Team NameMembership Support Team
Reports toMembership Support Manager    
Job Band/GradeBand 2

Job Description

Job Purpose This role is to provide People supervisory support to the Membership Support Team, carrying out all people management responsibilities and focusing on Team/Staff Development and Performance. You will be required to actively manage your team to ensure they have clear objectives, targets and aims and ensure they have adequate development opportunities and support in place to achieve these.
You will be required to continually assess team/staff performance, managing under performance with a coaching and mentoring approach, setting goals and personal development plans and reviewing these to assess ongoing needs or issues. You will provide high level performance data to the Membership Support Manager on a regular basis, including considered plans that should be put in place.

In addition to the People supervisory responsibilities, your key focus is on continually providing and reviewing the current member experience, promoting a customer centric approach to everything we do and in providing an excellent level of service to all our members. You will manage escalated complaints to ensure the appropriate and speedy resolution of our all complaints.

You will be required to provide guidance, support and management on all customer experience processes. You will be expected to continually review processes to ensure they are aligned to the overall company strategy and aims, as well as considering the impact to our members and proposition. You will be required to manage resource in line with current and projected demand levels, which will be agreed with the Membership Support Manager.

You will need to consider the impacts that your processes and work volumes have on the wider operation, as well as creating and promoting a unified culture across teams, to ensure there is collaborative working on finding the best result for the member and the operation.

This role requires you to actively supervise and support the day to day running of the team, tasks and member queries to ensure we are achieving our Standard Level Agreements, supporting our People’s Energy Employees, whilst also providing an excellent customer experience through answering phone calls and emails.

Key Tasks and Accountabilities 

Key Tasks and AccountabilitiesTime Allocated to Task (%)
People Management

·         Provide clear SMART Objectives, SLAs and Targets for the team and individuals to work towards.

·         Manage and continually assess performance against set objectives and identify Learning and Development needs, implementing relevant initiatives for the team and/or individuals.

·         Manage performance issues, implementing suitable performance plans with SMART objectives, providing coaching to consider additional needs, planned performance reviews and revaluate until a suitable resolution is reached.

·         Hold regular 1-1 and Review Meetings with employees to discuss issues, provide feedback, highlight their current performance against objectives and assess wellbeing and engagement.

·         Assess current performance, competency and behaviours against role/team requirements and apply a suitable end of year rating, along with appropriate feedback and progression plan.

·         Determine suitable career paths for employees and put development plans in place to support them, along with a review plan.

·         Determine best practices within your team to encourage collaborative working, knowledge sharing and open communication amongst the team.

·         Manage Absence, Sickness and Holidays within the team, assessing any issues with individuals which may require additional support, guidance or further discussion, potentially leading into a performance plan.

·         Ensure all Employees are aware of and adhere to company policies whilst encouraging continued awareness of these.

·         Manage real time resource requirements, reacting to changes in resource levels, demands and issues with appropriate action.

·         Provide people updates to the Membership Support Manager and/or HR, on a regular basis, to ensure there is an up to date view of the Membership Support Team.

·         Manage the onboarding of new staff members to ensure they complete all required paperwork, have the relevant system access and have suitable arrangements in place post induction.

·         Create and embed a team culture of a positive approach to change, of knowledge sharing, of understanding the higher strategic visions of the company and in personal ownership and accountability of their own career progression and development.



Resource Management

·         Assess current resource requirements and levels and highlight to the Membership Support Manager if there is a short fall or potential issue.

·         Actively manage requirements to ensure we have adequate resource in place to manage member calls, emails and processes.

·         Allocate tasks/jobs to the team in line with real time and anticipated demand levels and adapt task plans throughout the day if needed. Managing a daily rota and communicating plans to the team.

·         Meet with the Membership Support Manager regularly to review resource requirements and plan for anticipated escalations in volumes.

·         Manage real time resource requirements around sickness, absence and holidays.

·         Record and report end of day/week/month results of volumes, resource restraints and SLA results, to be provided to Membership Support Manager.

·         Put plans in place for activities which may result in an increase in call volumes or escalated queries, communicating the plans with the team and considering additional requirements in the lead up, such as training.

·         Manage FTE needs of the team, analysing demand against existing FTEs and provide a recruitment plan to the Membership Support Manager on requirements. Work with HR to implement a recruitment programme and support with interviews and onboarding.

·         Define and visualise all work streams, ensuring all streams are actively managed in real time, moving resources seamlessly as the demand fluctuates. Being aware of and put systems in place to respond to the minute by minute fluctuations in demand.

·         Taking proactive steps to alleviate peaks in demand by planning workloads efficiently but also look to continually innovate in response to the demand, preventing or reducing demand where possible.

·         Analysis, Planning and Controls should be thoroughly carried out and should be evidenced and communicated to the Membership Support Manager.

Staff Training and Personal Development

·         Continually assess and measure staff development against their agreed objectives to understand individual performance levels, additional training needs and/or additional support requirements; as well as potential issues which may be led by people behaviours opposed to competencies.

·         Hold regular meetings with HR and Learning & Development to feed back on common trends in training needs, customer demand or complaint topics which could be support or delivered by the Learning and Development Consultant.

·         Look for ways to provide knowledge shares and best practice within the team.

·         Hold team briefings/huddles regularly to communicate changes, knowledge shares or updates which will assist the Membership Support Team in dealing with member queries.

·         Support the post induction structure to ensure new staff members have adequate support and training in place and carry out check point reviews and 1-1s to assess their progress and support them into being fully integrated into the team.

·         Carry out quality checks on completed calls and processes, in line with the competency framework and quality model, to ensure individuals complete these to a satisfactory level, whilst recognising areas for additional coaching, support and/or training.

Process Management and Improvement

·         Support the Membership Support Team in ensuring they have adequate training and competency in all Membership Support Processes and are aware of the SLAs attached to these. You will be required to work with HR to determine upskilling programmes or to build and implement ad hoc training sessions.

·         Manage the process guides within the team to ensure they are kept up to date and reflect any recent changes. Allocate adequate resource and a review plan to ensure all processes are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure they remain compliant and correct. Manage resource in creating new processes or ad hoc changes to existing processes.

·         Highlight demand volumes to the Membership Support Manager which could identify a requirement to review and improve the existing processes.

·         From member feedback, feed into the Membership Support Manager and Analysts on processes which could be improved to provide a better customer experience and streamline the way in which we work.

·         Provide stakeholder support on projects to confirm operational impacts to the team and highlight which processes may be impacted or new processes may need to be created.

·         You should develop, refine and optimise processes that support smooth and structured work flows, evidencing your analysis and solutions to be presented to the Membership Support Manager.

Complaints and Escalations Management

·         Support the Membership Support Team with being first line support for escalated complaints or member calls of dissatisfaction which requires supervisor ownership or response, taking over calls or performing call backs where required.

·         Ensure complaints are being managed and resourced effectively within the team, ensuring full ownership and resolution is applied to each complaint and they are resolved within agreed timescales.

·         Work with the complaints analyst to analyse trends in complaints which may require a training need or process improvement.

Additional Responsibilities and Behaviours

·         Decisions should be evidenced and based on relevant data that you have thoroughly analysed to ensure actions are appropriate. You should apply quality management/lean principles in every you do.

·         Motivate and encourage a positive culture towards change.

·         Embed a customer centric culture within the team.

·         Embed a culture of autonomy, self-development and accountability within the team.

·         Motivate, Lead, Encourage, Coach and Mentor your team to high levels of efficiency.


Personal Specifications and Required Competencies

Essential Criteria ·         People Supervisory
Experience of providing supervisory support and guidance to a team, embedding a positive culture of open communication, collaborative working and team focus. Promoting the company’s values in everything you do you will support the team in working towards personal and team objectives, as well as towards the organisational vision and strategic plans. Experience of dealing with all aspects of people management, including recruitment, performance reviews/management plans and grievances.


·         Organisation and Personal Management
Ability to manage own workload effectively to ensure targets are met and priorities are established. Proven ability to alter these priorities where required and effectively manage and communicate to management where SLAs have not been met.


·         Analysis and Problem Solving
Researches and analyses data to understand root cause issues, determines most appropriate solutions and puts actions in place to resolve problems.  Able to perform thorough analysis and investigation into an issue, understanding all areas of the problem and rather than focus on an immediate solution, considers a root cause fix which will stop the issue happening again in the future. Apply methodologies and logic to all areas of research to establish the most appropriate outcome.


·         Reporting
Experience of compiling thorough reports of data, findings and results for senior management, to allow the operation to understand current demand, review failure demand and assess resource capabilities.


·         Adaptability
Proven ability to adapt to changing demands and work loads to ensure the needs of the member and operation are met. Demonstrated ability to react in a positive manner to Operational changes and proactively consider where your strengths and experience can support these changes in practice, embedding these changes within the team.




·         Effective Communicator
Able to adapt communication approach depending on the audience, communicating issues with the wider business within a timely manner, able to respond to queries by providing detailed explanations to help increase understanding and demonstrate effective written communication in the form of emails, letters and/or training manuals. Experience of handling difficult conversations and communicating difficult or complex messages to employees.


·         Teamwork
Demonstrates a strong focus, and displays appropriate behaviours, in supporting your immediate team colleagues, as well as the wider operating teams to work collectively towards organisational goals and providing an excellent customer experience.


·         Coaching and Training
Ability to coach individuals to help them achieve targets, develop their skills and behaviours and progress through their career. Able to identify training requirements in order to support individual development and build competencies within the team.

·         Technical/qualification requirements
No specified qualifications required.


·         Experience
Previous experience within a Supervisor or Team Manager Position.

Desired Criteria ·         Previous experience of the Energy Industry would be advantageous but not essential.

·         Training, Coaching or Mentoring Qualification would be advantageous but not essential.