Meet our new Customer Rep Jakki!

Jakki was voted in by our customers to be their voice as the Customer Representative on the Advisory Board of Directors. Jakki has equal voting rights alongside other board members.

It is easy to see why the people chose Jakki, as she passionately supports the vision of People’s Energy, which is putting the needs of ordinary people and the planet first.

She is keen to listen and gain the understanding of customer needs, concerns and wishes, in order to accurately represent them on the Board.

Social justice and environmental issues are very important to Jakki, along with volunteering with local groups.


“I want to ensure that, as People’s Energy grows, our interests, as customers – including honest pricing with no surprises, friendly and efficient customer service and the desire for a healthy planet – stay at the top of the priority list and are truly reflected in the decisions being made.”

What attracted you to the role of Customer Rep?

“I am passionate about helping to create a fairer and sustainable future and really like the ethos of People’s Energy in putting people and planet ahead of profit…   I see the role as a great opportunity to get more involved in making sure that customers are treated as people with concerns and values, not merely consumers, and that these are reflected in the decisions being made.”

How did you first come across People’s Energy?

“I read about your crowdfunding campaign.   I decided to support it, as I am a big fan of renewable energy and really liked Karin and David’s idea of providing an alternative model in the energy marketplace, emphasising fairness, transparency and responsibility.”

What three words would those closest to you use to describe you?

“I don’t like this question!  Caring, patient, resolute”

Thinking ahead to your next year as Customer Rep, what are you most looking forward to?

“Getting a good overall understanding of the things that are important to customers and working alongside the team at People’s Energy, whilst holding them to account by making sure that the customers voice is heard, and remains at the heart of the company as it grows.  I am really excited about working on such a positive, forward-thinking venture!”