Meet our new Customer Rep Jakki!

Jakki was voted in by our customers to be their voice as the Customer Representative on the Advisory Board of Directors. Jakki has equal voting rights alongside other board members.

It is easy to see why the people chose Jakki, as she passionately supports the vision of People’s Energy, which is putting the needs of ordinary people and the planet first.

She is keen to listen and gain the understanding of customer needs, concerns and wishes, in order to accurately represent them on the Board. Social justice and environmental issues are very important to Jakki, along with volunteering with local groups.

You can email Jakki your thoughts:-



A few words from Jakki,


I am really excited about being the first Customer Representative for People’s Energy and am keen to help develop the role, to provide an effective and straightforward way of gaining insight into customer needs, and concerns, and ensuring our interests are heard and reflected in the key decisions being made

Having spent time in the People’s Energy offices since becoming Customer Representative, I have witnessed, first-hand, the commitment from everyone there to truly put customers at the heart of everything they do and to building an ongoing partnership between us.  David and Karin founded People’s Energy with the intention of challenging the conventional shareholder business model to create a thriving, innovative company that puts the needs of ordinary people and the planet foremost.  It is really inspiring to be participating in a company that is fair, transparent and exists for the benefit of everyone – not just a select few.

By fulfilling their promise and giving us a seat at the table, we have a brilliant opportunity to influence the direction of People’s Energy.  My role, as your representative, is to ensure that our voices are listened to and to best reflect them, I need your help!   So please let me know the issues that are important to you, along with any suggestions that you have for helping to ensure that our energy company works well for us.