About People's Energy

We don't support fracking

The UK has a wide range of gas inputs into the system: the UK’s own gas production from the North Sea, piped imports from Norway and Continental Europe, storage, and liquefied natural gas tanker supplies from global markets.

There's no meaningful or commercial fracking of gas in the UK as of today, and we wouldn't support it if there was.

As long as the various gas supplies being injected into the system meet certain standards, the gas enters the National Transmission System (NTS). At that point, it becomes co-mingled with natural gas molecules from all the various types of supply. So, all forms of supply to the UK are co-mingled - and in theory, would be co-mingled with any gas that is fracked in the UK, or from anywhere else. Unfortunately, there's no way to control this unless you're in a closed gas grid with one source of supply. What this means is that it's impossible to specify the exact source of any gas you purchase - and this is the case for all energy suppliers.

So, there's no guarantee of which molecules end up in someone’s pipe. But we can guarantee that we don't knowingly source gas from any fracking source in the UK, or elsewhere.