Bills and payments

Why has my monthly payment gone up when my account's in credit?

If your account is currently in credit, but we’ve increased your monthly payment, it’s because our account health check has shown you’re using more energy than we expected, and you’re likely to tip into debit over the remaining months of your contract.   

Going into a little bit of debit on your account is normal, especially after the winter. It's balanced out in the summer, when your monthly payments "replenish" your credit level to cover the cost of the extra energy you use during the colder and darker months. But if you’re using a lot more energy than you have done in the past, that credit will get eaten up at a quicker rate, and you may eventually go into debit. So, if we think that that's likely to happen - even if there’s some credit in your account right now – we’ll increase your monthly payment, to help you avoid a surprise bill at the end of your contract.

Sending in your meter readings regularly helps us make sure you’re paying the right amount to cover the cost of your energy. It means that when we check in on your account, we don’t have to rely on estimated readings, which often don’t accurately reflect the amount of energy you’re actually using. You can submit readings through your online People’s Energy account.