Bills and payments

I've joined you from an auto-switching site. Why has my bill gone up?

If you’ve recently joined us from an auto-switching site, welcome! We’re really glad to have you as one of our members.  

We always work hard to make sure that your energy bills are set at the right amount for your energy usageBut sometimes we may need to make some adjustments after you’ve joined, based on information on your energy usage that we receive only after you’re one of our members.  

We normally have to do this if you opted for your auto-switching site to estimate how much energy you use each year, rather than providing exact usage figures in pounds or KWh (the unit that gas and electricity is measured in). 

If you’ve chosen to provide estimated rather than actual usagethen your switching site will use the average cost of energy for your area and the size of property you live in to estimate what your annual energy usage is likely to be. They’ll then use this figure to find a deal to suit you (usually one that’s cheaper than the tariff you’re currently on). However, sometimes the estimate isn’t accurate. If that’s the case, and your energy usage is actually higher than the estimate your switching site made on your behalf, then your Direct Debit may be too low. We’ll need to adjust it to better reflect the actual amount of energy you’re using. 

We do this about a month after you’ve switched to usWe always keep an eye on your account, but this is the earliest point at which we can check that you’re paying the right amount based on your energy usage. This is because the information we use to do these checks – your meter readings and your historical energy consumption – aren’t accessible to us before then.  

We know it’s frustrating when your bill goes up and you weren’t expecting it. Our tariffs are consistently some of the cheapest on the market, so even if we have to adjust your Direct Debit, you’ll still be getting great value for your energy. Submitting regular meter readings helps us make sure the amount you’re paying for your energy is as accurate as possible. 

If you’ve switched to us via an auto-switching site and have questions about your bill or your energy usage, then drop us an email at with a member of our Member Services Team via our livechat, or give us a call on 0131 285 5510.