Bills and payments

Why has my monthly payment gone up when I'm on a fixed rate tariff?

On a fixed rate tariff, the price you pay for your energy is locked in – that means that even if the wholesale price of energy goes up (or down), you’ll always pay the same price per unit.

However, it doesn’t mean that the amount you pay each month is also fixed. The price you pay per unit of energy won't change, but if you start using more of those units than we've calculated, then we may need to adjust your payments. So, it's same price for the units, but the more units you use, the higher the cost.

We run regular account health check-ups to make sure that you're paying the right amount each month (not too much, or too little) for your energy usage. So we'll let you know if we think your monthly payments need to change. 

Regular meter readings help us to get a clear picture of how much energy you're currently using. You can submit these easily in just a few clicks through your online account.