Bills and payments

How do you work out what my monthly payment should be?

To calculate how much you need to pay each month (and if your payment needs to go up, or go down, based on your energy usage), we make a prediction about how much energy you’ll use over the months ahead - a bit like an energy forecast. We look at three sources of information to do this:

  • The amount of energy you’ve used in the past, based on the meter readings you’ve sent into us. If we have to use estimated readings, it’s harder for us to get a good idea of how much energy you’re really using – so let us know your updated readings every month if you can.
  • The amount of energy that has been used in your property over the past three years

With this mix of information, we can get a good picture of how many units of energy you're likely to use throughout the different months of the year. We then turn this into a figure for your monthly payment. How much energy you use can change over time, so we'll check in on it to make sure you're not paying too little (or too much!) for your energy. If we think your payments need to be adjusted, we'll get in touch.