Bills and payments

Can I change the amount I pay?

Yes. You can ask for the amount you pay by Direct Debit to be changed at any time.

However, we set the amount you pay at the right amount based on how much energy we think you're going to use over the whole year. So, to avoid your account going far into debit or credit, it's best to keep your Direct Debit at the level we recommend.

To make sure your monthly Direct Debit is right, we always keep an eye on how much energy you’re using. We’ll let you know if we think the amount you're paying needs to change.

However, if your account balance is further in debit than you’re happy with, you can increase your monthly payment. Or, if you think you’re building up too much credit, you can ask for a refund – though remember, it’s a good idea to have some credit on your account to help cover the cost of your higher energy usage in the winter. 

If you’d like to discuss your monthly Direct Debit, our Member Support Team are here to chat things over by phone, email or livechat.

You can check your account balance online, or find it at the top of your monthly statement.

Or, if you'd like to clear a debit on your account, you can make a one-off payment online here.