Bills and payments

Why has my Direct Debit gone up?

We work hard to make sure your energy bills are set at the right amount for your usage, and to minimise changes to your monthly Direct Debit. However, we occasionally need to make some adjustments to what you’re paying. There’s two reasons why we may need to do this.


We now have meter readings to help us work out your energy usage more accurately

When you join People’s Energy, we work out what your monthly Direct Debit payment should be. We do this by estimating your total energy usage for the next year, and then split it into equal monthly payments, so the cost of your energy is evenly spread over the year.

We base our estimate on the amount of energy you said you use when you signed up with us. Or, if you’ve come to us from a switching site, we'll use the amount of energy they’ve told us you use.

Sometimes, these estimates are based on average consumption figures, which might not be accurate for your property. After you switch, we can look at your meter readings and historical usage. This is the best indicator of what your likely future energy usage will be.

If we’ve been using estimates of your consumption, your Direct Debit might be set too high or too low. Once we have meter readings and information on your historical usage, we’ll know exactly how much energy you’re using and we’ll adjust your Direct Debit, if it needs it.

It’s a great idea to give us your meter readings monthly. That way you can be sure you are paying just the right amount for your energy. You can let us know your latest meter readings easily just but clicking the link in your monthly reminder email. Or, submit your readings in just a couple of minutes through your online account.


You’re using more or less energy than we expected over the course of the year

We regularly check your account to make sure the amount we’ve set for your monthly payment is right, based on how much gas and electricity you’re using. If we think your monthly Direct Debit payment needs to change, we’ll let you know.

We’ll only suggest an increase to your Direct Debit if you’re using more energy than we expected, and we’ll let you know in advance if your payment needs to increase. If you’re using much less energy than we expected, we may suggest that you reduce the amount you’re paying each month.

We’ll always notify you by email before making any changes to your monthly Direct Debit. You can also easily clear a debt on your account by speaking with one of our Member Services Team.

We know that no one likes their monthly payments to go up, and we always do our best to avoid making changes. Regular meter readings help us to do this, as this makes sure we have a really accurate picture of how much energy you’re using (rather than relying on estimates). Which means there’s no surprises for you down the line. 

We'll send you a reminder to submit your latest meter readings every month. Or, you can submit your meter readings via your online account.