Bills and payments

What does "credit" and "debit" mean?

If your account is in credit, you've paid for more energy than you've used

If you’ve built up credit, it means there’s money in your account. Some credit on your account is recommended, as it to helps to cover times when you use more energy, like in the winter, when you have the heating on more. But, if you'd like a refund, let us know.


If your account is in debit, you've used more energy than you'd paid for - but don't worry

There are times of the year when it's normal for your account to be in debit, like at the end of the winter (when your energy usage will probably have been higher). Your account will usually go back into credit in the summer when you’re using less energy. But, if we think you’re actually using more energy over the year than you’re paying for, then we’ll let you know that your monthly payment may need to change. 

You can find your account balance on your monthly statement, or by logging in to your online account.

Alternatively, you can add a payment to your account online, or by contacting our Member Support Team.