Our complaints performance

Reporting on member complaints

Being transparent is really important to us. It’s an essential part of the kind of energy company we’re building for our members. So, when things go wrong, or when we make mistakes, we want to be upfront about what’s happened and what we’re doing to sort things out.

We keep a close eye on our complaints, and what’s causing them. Like all energy suppliers, we regularly let Ofgem know how we’re doing. It’s an important way that both they, and we, can make sure our members continue to be well looked after.

We update our complaints publicly on our website every three months. So, our members can clearly see where we need to do better, and how we’re going about it.

Our complaints over 2020 so far

QuarterNo. complaints receivedComplaints per 10k MembersNo. Complaints resolvedComplaints resolved per 10k MembersPercentage of complaints resolved by the end of the next working dayPercentage of complaints resolved within 8 weeks
2020 Q11194537343337%81%
2020 Q21056385341964%89%
2020 Q399124697179%81%

Top 5 reasons for our complaints

Type of complaint2020 Q12020 Q22020 Q3
Switching Issues30%29%27%
Customer Service21%19%20%
Billing & Meter Reading Issues13%23%23%
Payment Issues15%12%10%
Meter Installation2%5%15%

How we’re sorting out issues for our members

In 2020, we’ve welcomed over 195,000 new members to the People’s Energy community. It’s a new chapter for us - we’re growing fast and there’s a lot to learn. We haven’t always got everything right. But, we’re always committed to making sure that when something’s not right, we get it sorted.

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we keep on learning, and keep on making our service better for our members.

We’re working to improve things for members who auto-switch to us

Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of members join us through auto-switching sites, and this is also the area where we’ve seen most of our complaints. So, we’re working with our switching partners to find out where the kinks in the switching journey are, and to get them sorted out.

We’ve got more staff on hand to help our members

More members means more people with questions and concerns that need our help. We’ve brought in staff across several of our teams to make sure our members get the support they need, when they need it:

  • Between April and October, we increased our customer service team by 210%
  • In June, we began supplying prepayment tariffs, so we expanded the number of advisors in our Prepayment team
  • We’ve also recruited more agents to our registrations, metering and billing teams
  • We’re automating more of our systems and processes behind the scenes to make finding and solving problems quicker, easier, and with as little disruption to our members as possible. For example, we’ve launched functionality to let members submit their meter readings online.