Getting started

Can I switch to you before my contract with my current supplier ends?

Yes, you can switch to us at any time. However, it's important to be aware that you may need to pay fees to your current supplier if you wish to leave your contract early.

Ofgem states that if you're within 42 days of the end of your contract, and have received the contract-ending notification letter from your current supplier, we can switch your supply without waiting for your contract to end. That means you can switch to us without having to pay exit fees, or other contract termination fees, to your current supplier (it's important to remember though, that not all suppliers will provide you with this notification).

If you have more than 42 days left before your contract ends, it may be easier for you to wait before applying to switch to us, as it means avoiding any fees that you might incur for leaving your contract with your current supplier early. As soon as you're within the 42-day window, we'd love to have you - and switching takes just two minutes.

If there's any other reason you'd like to request a change in the date we start to supply you with energy, then speak with one of our Membership Support Team.