Getting started

Can I switch to you if I already have a smart meter?

If you have already have smart meter, and you pay by Direct Debit, you can join People's Energy today.

Right now, we're not able to support smart prepay/top up meters. We're working on being able to offer this to members soon.


If you have a SMETS2/second generation meter

If you have a second generation or SMETS2 meter, we'll be able to start communicating with your smart meter right away. When you switch, we'll need you to provide manual readings for a short time, but will soon be able to read them automatically as your current supplier does. We'll let you know when you can stop sending in your readings.

Find out how to submit a meter reading for your SMETS 2 smart meter.


If you have a SMETS1/first generation meter

We're not yet able to automatically take meter readings for SMETS1 meters. Your smart meter will still work, but you'll need to send your meter readings in to us as you would a traditional or "dumb" meter. 

The Data Communications Company (DCC) is working on updating all UK SMETS1 meters to get them switched over to the same network as second generation SMETS2 meters. Their goal is for all first generation meters to be upgraded by the end of Summer 2021. After this, we should be able to take your meter readings automatically as we would a SMETS2 meter.

Find out how to submit a meter reading for your SMETS1 smart meter.