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How do I make a payment online?

If you’d like to pay off all or part of a negative balance on your account (when your account balance is less than £0, also known as a debit), it’s easy to make a one-off payment. Just fill in our online form.

It normally takes 3-5 working days for the payment to appear on your account.


At certain times of the year, it's normal to have a small debit on your account

It’s ok to have a small debit on your account at certain times of the year – for example, after the winter when you’ve had your heating and lights on more regularly.

We calculate the cost of your monthly Direct Debit payment to take into account your higher energy use over the winter – it’s why we set your payments to be the same amount each month, even though your energy usage varies throughout the year. Your account will usually go back into credit (meaning your account balance will be more than £0) over the summer, when your energy usage is lower.

However, if you’re worried your account is going too far into debit, you may want to make a payment to clear some or all the balance.


Regular meter readings help us make sure you’re not underpaying or overpaying for your energy

To keep your account from drifting too far into debit, the best thing to do is to give your meter readings every month. It helps us get an accurate picture of how much energy you’re actually using, and make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy.

If we know you’re using more (or less) energy than expected, we can adjust your monthly payment – so there’s no surprise bills down the line.

It’s easy to submit your meter readings online – find out how here

Or, you can get help reading your meter here