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What is emergency credit and how do I get it?

Emergency credit is bit of credit you can "borrow" from your meter to keep your power on in the case of emergency. It means you don't need to worry about your gas or electricity going off if you're not able to top up.

Don't worry - there's no extra charge for using your emergency credit. But, you will need to repay the emergency credit you used when you top up.

How to get emergency credit on your gas meter

There's £5 emergency credit available on your gas meter.

If your gas meter beeps, it’s a warning that you have less than £2 of Credit remaining. At this point, you can access your emergency credit.

To activate the emergency credit, put your card in the meter and press the red button.

You'll need to pay back the emergency credit you use

You'll need to pay back any emergency credit you use. You'll also need to pay the standing charge that's taken daily from your credit.

These will automatically come off the credit you add the next time you top up. To fully repay your emergency credit and standing charges, you'll need to top up by at least £10.