Meters and readings

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

No more estimated bills

Your smart meter will send us your meter readings automatically. So your bills will be based on accurate meter readings. You’ll be charged for exactly what you use. And you won’t have to take a meter reading again - ever.

You can see how much energy you use in real time

You can track your energy usage using your smart meter’s In-Home Display or "IHD". This could mean energy savings just from understanding and tweaking your usage habits. Your smart meter can save you money by helping you change your habits - and help save the planet too

Help keep your energy costs down

We’ll use your meter reading information, and those of all our smart meter members, to help us predict more accurately how much energy we need to buy. A more accurate forecast means we buy at a better price, helping to keep our costs down. And the cheaper we buy our energy, the cheaper we can sell it to you.