Switching problems

Why have I been switched to you?

 If your energy supply has been switched to People’s Energy and you weren’t expecting it, we can help you find out why.

There are two reasons why your supply has been switched:

  • You've been switched by an auto-switching site you've signed up with in the past
  • You've been switched by mistake, known as an erroneous transfer


You’ve signed up to a switching site and given them permission to switch your supply


Energy auto-switching services compare energy prices across the market, and automatically switch you to the supplier that can offer you the best deal at the end of your current contract. This usually means a cheaper price for your gas and electricity, as well as top-rated customer service.

 We partner with these auto-switching services:

  • Big Clean Switch
  • Look After My Bills
  • Quotezone
  • Switchcraft
  • Which?

If you’ve signed up for one of these services in the past, that’s probably the reason you’ve been switched to us. Your switching service should have let you know that your supply is moving to People’s Energy. We’ll also have sent you a welcome email with your new tariff, supply start date and any other information you need. 

Not sure about switching to us? There's lots of great reasons to stay:

  • We consistently provide some of the lowest tariffs on the market. You could save up to £200*
  • We’re a social enterprise, dedicated to ending fuel poverty
  • Our UK-based customer service is rated Excellent on Trustpilot
  • We're committed to supplying green electricity, and making renewable energy affordable for everyone

But if you’re not sure about your switch to us, you have a 14-day cooling-off period to think it over. If you’d like to cancel, just let us know.


Your personal data is safe

Switching services send us some personal data when they switch a customer to another energy provider. We securely store all of your personal data, and our approach is honest and ethical - we only ask for the data we need to get your account set up. You can read more about how we handle your data in our privacy policy.


You’ve been switched by mistake


It’s possible you signed up to a switching site and forgot about it. So if you’ve been switched to us and you weren’t expecting to be, check this first.

But sometimes, an energy supplier takes over a gas or electricity supply by mistake. This is called an erroneous transfer. 

There are a few reasons why this can happen – for example, if your meter details are wrong on the national energy database, or if someone accidentally used your address when they signed up with us.

If this happens to you, we’re really sorry for the hassle. We’ll work quickly with your original supplier to get this fixed. You’ll continue to be supplied with energy throughout and you’ll pay only for the energy you use - your old supplier will continue to bill you for energy as normal, just as if nothing had happened. 

Find out more about what to do if your energy supply has been switched by mistake.


*Against the price cap, based on medium consumption as defined by Ofgem