Our aim is to build an Energy Company that the customer trusts

 Here in the UK, it seems we have not been getting it right for a while.

It feels as though, if you stick with an energy supplier longer than a hot shower these days, you risk ending up on a whopping tariff you never signed up for!  In order to avoid this, you then look to switch energy provider for a quick deal which then results in you having to keep hopping around like a ping pong ball.  If you don’t, you will soon pay out of your nose for your gas and electricity.  Frustratingly you look for someone to turn to, to help you find the right balance and take the time to see you as a valued customer but when was the last time that you felt someone took you seriously?

It certainly feels like the trust has gone and bringing this back to you is what has inspired us in People’s Energy.  If you’re wondering if this is just everyday marketing, then here are some facts about the business we have built to share with you:

Every year, 75% of our profits will be given back to you, our customers.

Each customer has voting rights on the direction of our company, ensuring we never lose sight of who we serve.

As the business grows we will transfer 100% of shares back to our customers.  Not to Fat Cats, not to Pension Funds – to you!

Our commitment is to create a company you want to stay with long term

because you trust us to do what is right for you