If you smell gas?

If you smell gas, call the National Grid for free on 0800 111 999, their lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What should you do if you smell gas?

· Do not light matches or cigarette lighters

· Do not turn light switches or anything electrical on or off

· Put out any naked flames such as candles

· Open all the doors and windows

· Turn off your gas supply at the meter (and leave it switched off until it is safe to put back on)

Carbon monoxide

If you are concerned that fumes containing carbon dioxide may be coming from a gas appliance, please call the National Gas Emergency Hotline on 08000 111 999. This telephone line is open 24/7.

Power cuts

No one wants a power cut, but luckily they don’t usually last long. However, if the cut continues for more than a few hours you will need to call your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) on 105. Your DNO are in charge of the cables that supply electricity to your home. However, before you call you should check the following:

  • See if your neighbour’s power is out. If they are experiencing a power cut too, it is likely that there is a problem with your local Network. You should then call your DNO on 105.
  • Ensure that the trip switch has not triggered by a faulty appliance.
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