Two responsible tariffs to power your life

The People’s Tariff

In our opinion, still the best variable rate tariff on the market (admittedly we might be a bit biased). A very competitive price which is typically in the top 10 best rates available, 100% renewable electricity and excellent customer service from UK-based advisors recruited for their human touch. Plus your share of 75% of any profits we make, which we expect will kick in from 2020. Can energy supply get any better? To read the terms and conditions please click here

People’s Year Fixed (2 Months upfront) (Currently Not Available)

It seems perhaps it can. When we started People’s Energy we thought that one variable rate tariff would be all that was needed, but some of our members thought otherwise – and told us so in no uncertain terms.
You see, whilst a variable rate tariff works for most in that it tracks the price of energy in the market reasonably closely, falling and rising in price accordingly, some people understandably want a bit more certainty in their lives.
And so, for those people, we are introducing our People’s Year Fixed tariff. All the same features of our variable tariff – 100% renewable electricity, excellent customer service and your share of the profits – alongside one low, low unit price that’s fixed for a whole year.
Now, in order to make the sums add up as we head into what’s expected to be a very cold snap, please note that we take two months’ payments in the first month of your deal. Fear not, however: the total of the first 12 months’ payments will be equal to the estimated annual cost, so it’s just the phasing of the payments that’s a little different to reflect the heavier usage of energy that takes place in the winter months.
You should also note that there is an exit fee of £20 per fuel to be paid should you want to quit the deal in the first six months, but no penalties thereafter. And if you stay the course – which we very much hope you will – we’ll remind you when your deal is ending and make you another competitive offer that you can’t refuse (as they say in the movies).To read the terms and conditions please click here.

If you want to see our rates, you can do so here. If, however, you’re thinking “enough already – I just want to sign up!” just click on the big green button below and you’ll be on your way to power with responsibility in 90 seconds or less: