Happy Birthday to us!

People’s Energy has officially been in business for a full year, and what a year it’s been. We now have over 13,000 customers and have moved office three times to accommodate our growing team (The picture above is all of us outside our new office). So, as we celebrate all of our achievements the past year, let’s look back at some of our firsts.


First Employee

Tracey MooreTraining and Support Lead

What drew you to People’s Energy?

  • They were all about people.
  • The putting customer customers at the heart of everything they do.
  • They were exciting, fresh and adventurous.
  • Their confidence in being able to do the right thing.
  • Great opportunities.
  • Being involved in decision making and having a voice within the team.

One year on, what’s changed?

  • Our team has expanded very quickly.
  • Exciting role change.
  • Lots of new career opportunities for the team.
  • An exciting new social media and marketing team.
  • Our branding is bright and fun.
  • The great People of People’s Energy have not changed as the business has grown – our customers are still at the heart of all we do!

What’s your favourite memory or what do you enjoy about People’s Energy?

  • That our customers are part of the team and so passionate about our company.
  • How fun and great our growing team are – each is an individual character complimenting once another!

What do you hope for the future of People’s Energy?

  • Success.
  • Remain grounded to its customers.
  • To be the leading energy company that everyone wants to be like and to be a part of.

Any other comments?

I love my job!  Its great to be valued and trusted.  It is great to be involved in included through to Director level. There are no secrets!


First Customer Representative on our Advisory Board of Directors

JakkiCustomer Representative of People’s Energy


What attracted you to the role of Customer Rep?

I am passionate about helping to create a fairer and sustainable future and really like the ethos of People’s Energy in putting people and planet ahead of profit…   I see the role as a great opportunity to get more involved in making sure that customers are treated as people with concerns and values, not merely consumers, and that these are reflected in the decisions being made.

How did you first come across People’s Energy?

I read about your crowdfunding campaign.   I decided to support it, as I am a big fan of renewable energy and really liked Karin and David’s idea of providing an alternative model in the energy marketplace, emphasising fairness, transparency and responsibility.

What three words would those closest to you use to describe you?

I don’t like this question!  Caring, patient, resolute

Thinking ahead to your next year as Customer Rep, what are you most looking forward to?

Getting a good overall understanding of the things that are important to customers and working alongside the team at People’s Energy, whilst holding them to account by making sure that the customer’s voice is heard, and remains at the heart of the company as it grows.  I am really excited about working on such a positive, forward-thinking venture!

Anything else? 

Yes! I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted for me. I am really looking forward to providing a customer insight.

First Customer! 


Tracey -Training & support lead, John Hobby – People’s Energy customer, David Pike – Co-founder & Albus


John was one of our very first customers and also the first customer to visit our offices! He kindly answered a couple of questions for our Birthday blog post.

What drew you to People’s Energy?

It was a great idea about how to challenge the “Big 6”.


One year on, how has the company changed in your eyes?

People’s Energy are obviously going from strength to strength and building a solid customer base.


How are People’s Energy different from other energy suppliers?

People’s Energy are committed to using sustainable supply and not using nuclear.


Do you feel valued as a customer of People’s Energy?



What do you hope for the future of People’s Energy?

Continued success and steady expansion


Any other comments?

I wish Peoples Energy every success in the future