We aim to transfer ownership of our company to our customers

I’ll own my own energy company?

That’s the goal!

We want our customers to have a say in how People’s Energy is run.  You’ll have a voice in the company, influencing decisions that affect the core business and insights into such things as Directors’ salaries.


How are you going to manage this?

We’re working on the best way to pass ownership over and won’t release anything until we’re 100% sure that it’ll benefit our customers.  Rest assured though, the company is coming your way!


What about responsibilities?  I don’t want to be liable.

That’s why we’re reviewing the best way to transfer ownership over so you get as many benefits as possible without any risks.  Don’t worry, we won’t put any responsibilities on to you and you’ll never be forced to engage with People’s Energy.  If you just want to relax and collect your profits, that’s cool!