Community Partnerships

We're helping local community projects thrive



We’re helping community projects and charities grow with Community Partnerships


We’re not fans of throwing money at switching sites to get more customers.  We’d much rather spend that money where it’s needed.

So, we decided to launch Community Partnerships!


What are they?

Community Partnerships aim to further empower community projects by allowing them to accrue financial rewards for referring members to People’s Energy.  It’s super simple, all you need to do is enter the code for your project or charity when you sign up and we’ll donate £10 per fuel.

You can sign up and support your project or charity by clicking the button below, completing the signup process with People’s Energy, and entering your code on the final screen.  Once we see you’ve joined we’ll send your donation straight into your chosen charity.

Forgot to enter your code?  Not to worry, you can do so here!

Don’t have the code for your charity?  Give them a call and they’ll happily provide you with theirs.


Have a project of your own?

Let us know!  If you’d like help to fund your project or cause then get in touch.  There’s never a cost to our partners and we’ll help as best we can.

Our Partners

Forgot to enter your code?  Not to worry, you can do so here!