Some messages for our existing members

Direct debit changes

We’ve recently been in contact with some of you regarding a change to your direct debit payments and we’d like to clarify how that’s going to happen.

You will receive two emails from our payment partner GoCardless: the first one will be to cancel your existing direct debit, and the second one will be to confirm the set up of a new direct debit for the new amount.

Please note that there may be a delay of up to a few days between the two emails – this is perfectly normal and you do not need to take any action in the meantime: your account and your energy supply will not be disrupted at all.

Apologies for any concern this may have caused you … we’ll endeavour to find a better way to make these changes in the future.

David and Karin

Co founders

Switching from our Variable to our Fixed tariff?

If you are interested in switching from our Variable rate tariff (The People’s Tariff) to our Fixed rate tariff (People’s Year Fixed 2 Months Upfront) please call one of our friendly advisors on 0131 285 5510 (Mon-Fri 9-5) to make it happen for you. Please do not sign up again as a new customer.

Introducing The People’s Referral Scheme

Here’s a question for you: would you rather take two and a half hours or two and a half minutes to earn £25?

If you’d rather the former we suggest you get your nose back to the grindstone, for that’s how long it takes the average UK worker to make £25 after tax. However, if you’d rather the latter, allow us to introduce you to The People’s Referral Scheme.

Here’s how it works: we credit your bill with £25 for every successful referral that you make for either our Fixed or Variable tariff. Each referral will take approximately two and a half minutes of your time, and you can refer as many people as you want.

Unless you happen to be a Premiership footballer – who does, coincidentally, take on average just two and a half minutes to earn £25 after tax – we can’t think of too many better ways of racking up a nice little earner while introducing your family and friends to fantastically priced green energy.

Click here to get your first referral under way: it’ll be the most productive two and a half minutes of your day.