Profits Back

Our customers receive 75% of our profits



How does it work?

With our present rate of growth People’s Energy plan to deliver profits back to customers in 2019 in the form of a rebate on their bill.


Why not give out dividends or cash?

We want to reward you as best we can.  By providing a rebate rather than dividends you don’t need to worry about declaring any income and pay tax of the profits.


Why 2019?

Our company is still in its infancy and won’t become profitable until we reach our first milestone of 20,000 customers.  Don’t worry, we’re well on our way there as we’re very careful with our crowdfunders’ pledges. We hedge our energy costs many months in advance to keep our energy affordable and secure.

Thanks to our crowdfunders, we haven’t needed to rely on corporate shareholders for cash to start up, all our funds come directly from pledges from the public who will receive these back in the form of free energy.


How can I get involved?

By taking 90 seconds to switch to us online, you’ll be eligible!  Every 12 months we’ll give you 75% of our profits in the form of a rebate on your bill.  The more people join, the bigger the profits, so share our story!