100% Renewable Electricity

We buy our electricity from 100% renewable sources



How can electricity be ‘renewable’ if it comes from the Grid?

When we say our electricity is renewable, we mean that it has been generated from a renewable source such as Wind, Solar, Hydro or Tidal.  Of course, there is no way of telling that the electrons travelling through your home originated from a renewable source as the National Grid is also supplied by coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

A good analogy is to imagine the National Grid as a big bucket, with generators filling it up with electricity from lots of different sources and suppliers taking electricity out to distribute to their customers’ homes.  What we do at People’s Energy is ensure that any electricity we use from the National Grid to supply our households is ‘topped up’ by renewable generation only.  That way, we only use up what’s renewable.


Can you prove this?


We commit to ensure that we put as much renewable electricity into the grid as we take out of it.

We buy Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) Certificates that provide a renewable audit trail right back to the source.  We will be receiving our official certificates in April (they can take time to process) and we have always used renewable sources.

You can learn more about REGOs from Ofgem