Staying in private rented accommodation?  Switch your energy supplier immediately.


I was quite naïve when I stayed in private rented accommodation while studying.  To be honest, a lot of my fellow students were.  Had I known that I could have easily switched to a cheaper energy supplier when I was in uni I would have done so, energy bills were the one thing that kept pulling me deeper into my overdraft (alcohol doesn’t count).  I still rent now however I’m wiser to it, you should be too to avoid substantial bills.

As Ofgem explains, it is your right to switch supplier of you directly pay for your energy.  77% of people renting have never switched their supplier and are paying on average £190 more than those on cheaper suppliers.

The myth that switching supplier is ‘hassle’ is nonsense.  It takes 2 minutes for any supplier to switch you (we can do it in 90 seconds) and there is never a risk to your supply. Suppliers must ensure that whatever happens, your gas and electricity will keep flowing.

Before you investigate switching it’s important to check who is directly responsible for paying the energy for your property.  If your landlord pays these bills directly, you’re out of luck, but any other circumstance and you’re free to switch.  Make sure this is clear if you’ve still to sign your tenancy agreement.  Apart from that, to switch all you need is your postcode and bank account details (you may need to provide your MPAN/MPRN if you’re in a block of flats but your supplier can help you get those).

If you know what your tariff is and how much you’re paying it might be worth while clicking the button below and checking for savings.  People’s Energy don’t have any exit fees or credit checks, you can leave any time with 30 days’ notice and are cheaper than all existing tariffs from British Gas, Edf, E.ON, nPower, Scottish Gas and SSE.  It’s a cracking deal for students!